White County Emergency Management

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Severe Weather

EMA Volunteers

Severe Weather

thunderstorms, floods & tornados are most likely for Indiana summers


ߋ trim trees
ߋ park under cover
ߋ get acquainted with your insurance coverage
ߋ keep electronics off floor in flood plains
ߋ know what a disaster kit is and make sure it's portable
ߋ waterproof basements
ߋ create barriers to potential flooding where possible


ߋ make cancelations, monitor the weather
ߋ find shelter, avoid touching metal
ߋ steer clear of tall structures or structures that may become compromised
ߋ avoid underpasses, wind speeds increase in these areas
ߋ if in vehicle, look for sturdy shelter. You CAN take cover in a ditch however, beware of flooding
ߋ mobile homes are dangerous, seek more appropriate shelter than this
ߋ if you're on the lake, get off the lake
ߋ in the home the lowest most centered least windowed area is a good place to be


ߋ beware of flooding when choosing a path
ߋ take pets where you can and understand they may need to be left behind
ߋ take extreme precaution when driving through water, it only takes a few inches to take a vehicle off the road
ߋ rushing water is almost never okay to drive through
ߋ more precaution should be used when WALKING through water or rushing water


ߋ apply medical attention where necessary
ߋ help others if you can
ߋ avoid damaged buildings if possible
ߋ don't assume a building is safe
ߋ report any electrical lines that have been damaged
ߋ dress appropriately
ߋ look for foundation problems when trying to decide whether or not a building is safe to approach
ߋ take care in examining a building for your own safety first
ߋ be aware of potential and unecessary harms in the aftermath of a storm
ߋ look for fire hazards, water, gas and/or oil leaks
ߋ snakes and other animals will be in survival mode, avoid.


ߋ take pictures
ߋ food: if it touched floodwater throw it away
ߋ water: if it might not be pure, purify it
ߋ reduce flooded area 1/3 a day to avoid some damage
ߋ assess all other damages
ߋ contact health depo for information on repairing septic systems